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My name is Quietta which is pronounced “key-etta” and apparently it means ‘soft’ in Spanish. Although I’ve been to Spain and they told me no, that’s not what it means. My brain has deliberately forgotten what it actually means because it’s pretty average and soft sounds nicer. Thanks Mum and Dad for the unusual name. At least its unique!

I’m the happy family and maternity photographer you will meet at some beautiful outdoor location in Perth, Western Australia. I will immediately make you feel at ease, introducing myself with a huge smile and warm hug.

I am so excited to meet you and get to know you while we bask in the afternoon sunshine. Based in Karrinyup, I am a family photographer and maternity photographer in Perth and am more than happy to travel to new and exciting places.


I want you to feel absolutely relaxed in our session together, so we will have a conversation about what you like to do together as a family on the weekend. I will do silly things with your kids and get them to laugh as much as I can, because then you as parents end up laughing too and THAT’S what I really want to see. Everyone having fun.

I want you to have really positive memories so that these photographs that you purchase are not just nice images of your family, but ones that tell stories. Your photographs should invite you to remember how much fun your little boy was when he was learning to walk, or how your little girl loved to be the centre of attention. I am not a big fan of those family photos you see where everyone is standing there looking directly at the camera with that awkward “the photographer just told me to smile so I’m smiling/grimacing” look.

When I’m photographing, I move around a lot and I like movement, so don’t feel like you have to stand still! Cuddle each other, kiss each other, TICKLE EACH OTHER. My favourite photos of my own kids are when they are in action – talking to each other, giggling, dancing or running around the front yard with the hose trying to wet me as I run away with my expensive camera in hand. True story.



One of my ABSOLUTE ALL TIME FAVOURITE moments to capture are pregnancy sessions. Oh that round belly! So stunning! I think every pregnant woman is beautiful, and if you don’t believe me, then let me show you. There really is a pregnancy glow and so much anticipation, excitement and hope. I know that 9 months goes ridiculously slow the first time round, especially the last few weeks when your tummy is huge and you just want that baby out.

But honestly, I LOVE maternity photography especially at the beach, which if you haven’t noticed is my favourite place in the entire world. If you’re having baby number two, or three the time goes a bit quicker because you have a toddler or other kids to run around after, but what a precious time to capture! This really is such a short period in time and if you don’t photograph your amazing pregnant body now, you might never get the chance again.

I personally LOVE our photos from when I was pregnant with our two kids. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face because I was just SO excited about being pregnant and being a mum and impatiently waiting to meet our precious little human.

Check out one of my favourite maternity sessions here.


Joy can be found in any moment in life and I want to be able to catch those moments when they appear so that they cannot be forgotten. Often in life we get so caught up in the busyness of daily life that we can forget to appreciate the small moments that bring us happiness. My aim is to photograph your happy moments so that you look at those photos and smile at the fond memories.

I would be delighted if you CONTACT ME so we can organise your sun-filled, joy-revealing photography session. I look forward to hearing from you!

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